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Lorre 'Lorenzo Pick Hardo' Pickaert

Lorenzo Pick Hardo

Samples, Vocals, Drums, Synths, Guitar

Jana 'Jane Falco' De Valck 1.jpeg

Jana 'Jane Falco' De Valck



Stef 'Stefano Pick Hardo' Pickaert 1.jpe

Stefano Pick Hardo

Keys, Synths, Vocals, Melodica, Guitar


'The Pick Hardo Bros.’, a Party Cover Band existing of the two brothers Stefano and Lorenzo Pick Hardo.

Very often featuring their sista 'Jana De Valck' as 'Jane Falco'.

They pulsate on dance and funk, simultaneously switch to pop and feel good, throw everything into the (re)mixer, to finally bring you in ecstasy with their legendary choreographies.

From Mark Ronson to Stevie Wonder, from LMFAO to Sugar Hill Gang, from Daft Punk to Aerosmith and RUN DMC, from Martin Solveig to Michael Jackson, from Avicii to Coldplay, and many many more!

Wanna have a party? Just call ‘The Pick Hardo Bros.’!

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